Arrey, New Mexico

Arrey, NM Real Estate, Arrey Area and Community Information

Arrey NM real estate is an attractive option for New Mexico residents who are seeking an escape from busy city life but still want to be close enough to commute. Arrey is located in southwestern New Mexico and is a 22-mile drive from the larger town of Truth or Consequences. Prospective new residents can investigate more about this community while they are researching available Arrey NM Homes.

History of Arrey

In addition to Arrey real estate, the community has some interesting historical points. It began as a homestead during the 1800s when the Elephant Butte Land and Cattle Company bought up the land for ranch development. Many of the original farmers' and ranchers' decedents still own land in the immediate area. A number of Arrey homes are situated on several acres of open land. More details are available on the Arrey Community web page. Several Arrey homes for sale bring good value for the listed price ranges.

Attractions and Activities in Arrey

Along with Arrey properties, the community boasts several different local landmarks. The most popular attractions include Percha Dam State Park, several fishing spots and hiking trails around the banks of the nearby Rio Grande River. Prospective visitors and new residents can find out more information on the Arrey Travel Guide website. Purchasing real estate in Arrey affords home owners plenty of chances to enjoy the outdoors.

Events in Arrey

For the latest information on local events and homes for sale in Arrey, prospective residents can visit the Arrey Event Calendar web page. Favorite local events include street fairs, chili cook-offs and arts festivals. Attending events is a great way for an Arrey home buyer to become better acquainted with the local area.

Arrey Parks and Recreation

The Parks and Recreation Department of Arrey offers a number of activities for local residents and visitors. Favorites include boating, fishing and horseback riding. More information is posted on the Arrey Community website.

One of our agents will help each new home buyer find local properties that fit with existing budgets. Prospective new residents can search homes for sale by amenities, square footage, lot size and whether the property includes undeveloped land. Buyers who are interested in buying their own acreage and building their own homes on it are also advised to contact our team. Several members of our team specialize in land sales in Arrey and can be valuable resources for this type of information.
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